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5 Tips to Successfully Implement a Learning Management System (LMS)

Association Management • November 9, 2023 • Written by: Carly Loomis

Digital learning is more prominent now than ever before. Association members are looking for top-notch education to move up in their field and, ideally, at their fingertips. Learning Management Systems (LMS) provide a space for associations to upload and maintain education content and allow members to access this content conveniently.

Whether looking to have an LMS for the first time or transitioning to a new system, the task can feel daunting. The experts of Meeting Expectations have experience with several LMS vendors. Read on for our best practices as you embark on your LMS implementation journey.

Don’t Let History Repeat Itself

If you have the advantage of having team members on staff who were a part of a previous LMS transition, poll them about their experience during that transition:

  • What went well? 
  • What could have gone better? 
  • Are there things you learned after the implementation that you wish you had known sooner? 

When you begin working with your new system and onboarding specialist, ask the same questions to draw on their experience. After all, they have experienced numerous transitions in their time. Take advantage of your time with them to ask these “hindsight is 20/20” questions.

Review Requirements for Your New System

Work with your new LMS representative to confirm requirements for webinar recordings, branding images, and file size parameters. You may have to build in time to audit your current materials to ensure they fit in your LMS environment. 

Include Your IT Team

Review your technological requirements with your IT team to ensure you have a master list to review with your new LMS or when you are on demo calls with potential system representatives.

Some items to consider: 

  • Are you looking to have Single Sign-On (SSO) from your membership database to your LMS for your members?
  • Do you need the system to connect with your credit card processing platform or other platforms? 
  • Will system updates in your current systems affect the use of a potential LMS?

Do Not Forget about Your Staff Team

Your members are learning a new system, and so is your staff. As you build out the LMS and user guides for your membership, make sure you complete a staff user guide. 

While many systems offer administrative user guides, you may find your association uses system features differently than their original intent. You may also find that there are system features you are not using now. A streamlined, association-specific user guide will prove to be more efficient.  

Keep Up to Date 

Staying on top of the latest updates with your LMS will allow you to continue to grow and expand the capabilities of your LMS. 

  • Subscribe to your LMS vendor newsletters and product update notifications
  • Follow your LMS vendor’s social media accounts 

You may find that your LMS can go beyond educational offerings and allows expanding other areas of your association. 

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Carly Loomis

Carly is the association manager for NPMA, fueling success by managing their Membership and Certification Education programs. She also manages registration for their annual National Education Seminar. Carly’s background encompasses non-profit, volunteer, and association experience in Wisconsin and Chicagoland area-based organizations. Carly attended Carroll University where she received her B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in human resource management. You can often find Carly sitting on a beach working through her ""to be read"" pile of books and binge-watching almost anything on Bravo!